Mike Campbell - Sales, Project Manager, Customer Service
Kathy Rizzo - Owner, Customer Relations, Accounting
Tony Rizzo - Owner, Advertising, Operations

Classic Gutter Co. is a family-owned company. We run a tight ship where the customer is always right and always comes first. In more than 37 years, we have never asked for a down payment and have always satisfied our customers.

Classic Gutter Co. was started in 1979 by my wife Kathy and myself, Tony Rizzo. I worked on the truck as an installer for more than ten years along with my employees. Honesty, integrity and satisfied customer shave produced continuous growth over the years. 

Classic Gutter Co. is a EPA Certified Lead-Safe contractor. Homeowners with potential lead paint should only hire a Lead-Safe certified contractor to make sure the treatment of lead dust is handled correctly. To learn more about the dangers of lead paint, link to the EPA's lead paint web page. 
We now employ approximately 30 employees/installers. All equipment and vehicles are owned and operated by Classic Gutter Co. My installers have been loyal employees for the past 20 years.
My employees are easily recognizable on my jobs. All installers have shirts or jackets with our name, Classic Gutter Co., on the backs. We feel customers experience a sense of security knowing that these employees are clearly identifiable and do not pose a threat.

Classic Gutter Co. is a very close-knit company. I personally involve myself in every job. Mike Campbell, my brother-in-law, will come to your home to take measurements and give the estimate.

At Classic Gutter Co. we have had a policy since we started more than 37 years ago that we don't require any money down until we complete the job and you're satisfied. Then we send you a payment invoice along with all your warranties. We try to make sure we do everything right the first time. If not, we service you quickly so we can get paid.

Ninety percent of our business comes from referrals from happy customers. To us, that says we are doing a lot of things right - and we plan to keep it up.

We have expertise in both the technical and the artistic facets of our work. We can advise you on coordinating colors as well as how much ventilation your attic needs and what kind of glass will save you energy. But we leave the final decision up to the homeowner - you!

Classic Gutter Co. Workers

Classic Gutter Co. Workers